October 13, 2020

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Cafe, Restaurant, or Bar – Blog

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Cafe, Restaurant, or Bar - Blog

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Cafe, Restaurant, or Bar - Blog

When opening a restaurant, cafe, or bar, one of the main tasks is the right choice of furniture. The attractiveness of the establishment for the client and whether they will come back to you again depend on it. First of all, visitors pay attention to the design, and then – to the skills of the chefs, as well as the courtesy of the staff.

Important Points that Affect the Choice

A competent choice of furniture is based on the concept of the restaurant and the convenience of customers. Chairs and tables are usually subject to critical loads, so they should be made from durable materials with long service life. Thus, even with constant use, interior items will retain their original appearance for a long time. For example, restaurant furniture Chicago from https://www.richardsonseating.com/ meets all the necessary standards.

So, the answer to the question “What should be the furniture for a cafe, restaurant, or bar in order to provide an exceptional interior that attracts guests?” is simple. It should be universal. Such products are durable, reliable, aesthetic, and functional. They can be of various types of wood, natural or original colors, classic or non-standard shapes. Thanks to this, it is possible to select furniture according to the concept of the interior space. Now let’s pay attention to particular cases.

1)     Café

When choosing furniture for a cafe, you should not focus on luxury brands. Pay attention to the products with a hard seat and no armrests. Such models will save usable space, which will make it possible to increase the number of seats and provide enough room for a big number of guests.

When designing a cafe, be sure to consider practicality and aesthetics. Compact models are considered ideal chairs for such establishments. Round tables will look good. A cafe is a place for relaxation and long friendly conversations. Grand banquets are not held here, therefore, the furniture should be small and neat.

2)     Restaurant

Furniture for a restaurant is an important component of the image like an original menu. Wooden tables and chairs will definitely find their place here. Especially if the interior of the location is made in country or loft styles.

You can use wooden furniture with textile covers, which will increase its service life and make the interior more refined. Traditional materials such as solid wood from oak or beech are mainly used for the production of restaurant furniture. They will harmoniously complement almost any interior, including the classic one.

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Cafe, Restaurant, or Bar - Blog

3)     Bar

Solid wooden or iron furniture is perfect for a bar. In addition to the bar counter, chairs are the main element in such an establishment – this is an important detail that creates a special atmosphere. In this regard, aging furniture looks great. Remember, that bars are designed for numerous visitors, so the chairs must withstand heavy loads.

Be sure to consider your existing budget. Interior items should completely match in their style with the concept of the institution. Good luck!

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